MiniMonos was an online virtual world that encouraged eco-friendly behaviour. I worked there as an in-house illustrator/designer between 2010–2013.

Some of the things I worked on included clothing and accessories for the monkeys, theming for events, the EcoProjects portal, and an iOS app.

MiniMonos Island Monkeys with bananarific style

Promo video for a pirates vs ninjas event held on the island

TV commercial (NZ/AUS version)


EcoProjects was a thing where members would earn rewards and access to a special area in the virtual world by doing real life projects to help the environment, such as planting trees, doing a beach clean-up, or starting a compost bin.

I worked on the clothing rewards and parts of the EcoDome (the in-world area exclusive to members who had done projects), as well as an area on the site to showcase completed projects.

Eco Website, Dome and Shirt